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#BBMzansi: Libo and Mpho Ship makes sudden bounce back as the show ends.


LIbo and Mpho

Who’d have guessed that one day, Libo and Mphowabadimo would spend the entire day just having fun with one other? Sure, when the two appeared to be on their way to a romantic relationship in the early stages of their rollercoaster, imaginations flew about back.

Libo and Mphowabadimo’s connection, however, represents a new phase in their relationship after a long feud and simmering tensions. Gash1 and Libo, as well as Gash1 and Themba, are in the same boat. It’s evident that old debts are being collected as we get closer to the highly anticipated BBMzansi season 3 finale on Sunday.

On Thursdays, as the Housemates prepare for the Wager Task, there is generally a lot of tension in the House. Today, however, tranquility reigned as the Top 5 confidently put the finishing touches on their Presentation. And it’s not because they’re tired, because Libo and Mphowabadimo put a lot of effort into their dancing this afternoon. The two were seen putting their dance on display, grinning from ear to ear. Much of the choreography appeared to be driven by Libo, who taught Mphowabadimo a couple of his winning routines.

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The sight was pleasant, given how far the two have progressed in their relationship. What began as a flirtation that evolved into something more meaningful, but suddenly turn nasty. It reached to the point where Libo was nominating Mphowabadimo for nominations, often citing some of the behavior he saw in her. Many people questioned his intentions for nominating the woman he once cherished. It’s over now, since the two have spent a lot of time joyfully playing around in the House.

LIbo and Mpho

Similarly, Gash1 and Libo’s relationship was on the rocks at one point. When strategic movements began to shake things up in the House, what started out as an organic friendship rapidly became sour. Despite the fact that the fallout never reached a boiling point, it is widely acknowledged that confidence was shattered early on. So it was no surprise when Libo teamed forces with Themba, Tulz, and Terry to take both Gash1 and Thato to the Nominations.

It was necessary to play a game, but the heated debates from the Conspiracy Corner are finally over. Gash1 and Libo appear to have put their differences aside and are working nicely together in preparation for the Thursday Task.

Themba once tried to attract Gash1 by saying that he sees the two of them standing together till they reach the Top 2. Between then and now, a lot of things happened, and Themba ended up choosing Libo and Tulz to join him in the Top 5 instead. However, there is no love lost between these two, since their relationship has grown stronger.

We are unquestionably approaching the end of the show. Isn’t it true that there can only be one winner? Who is going to take it home?

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