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#BBMzansi: Team Blue wins as Biggie introduce mood lightening task for the housemates. – Video


Biggie decided to offer the Housemates a Task to lighten the mood after this week’s High Stakes theme. Despite the fact that the game did not entail drinking, we believe the brown liquid added to the seriousness of the situation, making the Housemates feel compelled to safeguard their drink at all costs.

Biggie, of course, planned a twisting obstacle to provide some variety to the Task. The Housemates were divided into two groups: Blue and Green. As you may be aware, when the Big Brother Mzansi House is divided, the competition intensifies.

Each team in a relay game had to choose the order in which they would run the course, one after the other. In front of the Housemates, a table was set up, and A shot glass and a decanter filled with a brownish liquid were on the table.

The first in line had to pour the dark liquid from the decanter into a shot glass, then hold the shot glass with one hand before going to the obstacles when the buzzer rang.

The first obstacle required Housemates to go between and around cones by following the arrows.

The second challenge required the housemates to climb over a black bench without stepping on it.

Third obstacle: Housemates had to walk from point A to point B across a balance beam.

The fourth obstacle required housemates to crawl from a starting place marked by a line all the way to the table holding the Jonnie Walker bottle. They had to empty the shot glass, pour whatever liquid was left in it into the decanter, and then give the empty shot glass to the next teammate, who had to restart the course from the beginning.

The brown-colored liquid had to be protected at all costs as it passed through all of these obstacles. After a nail-biting finish, the Blue team of Themba, Terry, Tulz, and Gash1 emerged victors.

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