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#BBMzansi: The final party for some housemates. Watch how the party went down on saturday night. – Video


When Biggie announced to the housemates that it was time for the Saturday Night Party, they wasted no time getting on the dancefloor. DJ Mr X was waiting for them with some up-tempo beats from across the African continent. Terry was seen right up close to the DJ box – her usual spot – and Mphowabadimo and Sis Tamara were seen throwing it down like their lives depended on it right away. 

Venus, on the other hand, was not taking any prisoners – she owned the floor and didn’t care if anyone else wanted to lay claim to it.

Gash1 and Themba were seen relaxing on the couch while keeping a close eye on the ladies doing their thing on the dancefloor. While Gash1 might eventually be persuaded to dance – presumably by Thato – tonight was decidedly low-key for Themba, who was taking it easy.

Nale, who had a smile on her face the entire time, was sending out positive vibes, looking for any excuse to dance with anyone, and no one seemed to mind. It became clear that the party’s most ardent supporters were those up for Nomination during the next Live Eviction Show – which is hardly surprising. Make the most of today because you may be leaving tomorrow.

Thuli Phongolo took over the DJing duties at 22:00, and she made her presence known by shifting the music to a more laid back attitude, letting easy grooves be the order of the day. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the Housemates, though: they didn’t slow down in the least. Venus, Mphowabadimo, and Nale – all Nominated – could be seen working the mirror (and thus the cameras) in tandem at one point, looking like a squadron of spitfires. It has to be said that this is a very attractive squadron.

Thato also looked sharp in a little tight number for the occasion, while Libo opted for something that could only be described as “beachboy casual.” Tulz, for the most part, made himself at home behind the bar as the self-appointed mixologist, making sure to keep the drinks flowing for the Housemates during the rare occasions when they were able to drag themselves away from the dancefloor.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye, and the Housemates returned to the House – with only today’s Live Eviction Show ahead of them. Watch to find out who goes home!

Watch the party highlights below:

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