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#BBMzansi: Who’s chopping onions?

Gash1 & Thato

Even if you’re still in the honeymoon phase, navigating a new relationship isn’t always easy.

Thato and Gash1 are deeply in love with each other, and neither of them appears to be holding back. They’re living in the moment and getting to know one other better every day. It’s possible that the things they’ve learned about each other aren’t always positive and can be difficult to hear at times.

What motivates them to keep continuing, even though they don’t seem to agree? They are continuously communicating, which could be due to their close closeness in the House, but in any case, we enjoy seeing it. Thato answered to Gash1’s description of himself as complex by saying it’s because he’s so basic, which she admires. She’s also informed him that she appreciates his kindness and that he is a safe haven for her.

Gash seeks a partner with whom he can learn from, learn with, and teach. He makes vows to Thato, and he says he’d like to learn how to use social media once they’re out of the House, and he wants her to teach him.

Thato pointed out that people learn at different speeds, and that he should be aware of this and practice patience with a partner, which he agreed with wholeheartedly.

We don’t see anything going wrong with this ship if these two continue to communicate successfully.

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