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#BBMzansi: From Acacia’s passionate kiss to Yoli’s moaning, to Thato’s kisses. Gash1 and his women.


Thato & Gash1

We can’t talk about Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 without mentioning Gash1 and his women’s group.

Gash1 clearly had a great time in the #BBMzansi house during his 71-day stay. He has a tremendous ability to switch with any available female housemate as soon as his current assumed female partner departs the show.

From Acacia’s passionate kiss to Yoli’s loud moaning thanks of Gash1’s intense fingering, to Thato’s steamy kisses, we’ll show you a video of Gash1 and his women.

Should we refer to him as the ladies man, or is it his male housemates’ hatred of him that drives him to the female housemates’ waiting arms?

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