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Fans Gushes  As Ex BBNaija Stars Nengi and Laycon are spotted together, sharing a nice moment (Video)


Laycon and Nengi

Nengi and Laycon, former BBNaija lockdown stars, were spotted in a video sharing a romantic moment together, Many Gushes.

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Laycon, the CEO of Flora’s Shoe and Song Star, took time out of his busy schedule. Laycon had grumbled a few months earlier about Nengi’s habit of declining his invitations due to her hectic schedule.

While in the BBNaija house, Laycon and Nengi developed a deep bond that has continued to this day.

Nengi Hampson affectionately refers to him as “My Bestie.”

Many Gushes as they spend a nice moment together alongside zubby Michael and Frodd after a night out, as seen in a video published online.

Read Fans reaction below:

splendorglow: If nengi can take laycon hair warmer.. Who am I not to take my friends 👕 polo😏.

minnie.newman: Why do some people think a relationship between Nengi and Laycon is impossible?

yolo_lex: This is the only friendship that is so genuine, to think we thought it would be Vee and Laycon

nora_nk_: Why she dey hide her face, abi Lecon no use filter for the camera😂

easymeals55: No filters, very different sha

kingdamzzy: Nengi, Vee and Neo were always with Laycon from Day 1. Love their collective friendship.

butterqueent: No filter, she’s hiding her real face😂😂😂😂😂 Queen of filter😂

prettyneneamica: Wait no be ozo pic I saw

giftmira1: Of lay lay of laycon & d one & only BLUEPRINT queen Nengi Rebecca Hampson friendship is a goal❤️❤️❤️❤️

butterqueent: When both of them don think say, they’re fading. Piam…They will make one f@ke video to entertain both fansbase and their backup bloggers lol. See laugh, no genuinity lol 😂 We know😂😂😂

ifeyinwaenweugwu: Laycon don add weight finish oo😍❤️

omalicha_peter23: My people,I love their friendship,pure vibes😍❤️

dakuresami: Laycon is always feeling privileged when he hangs out with nengi 😂😂

raysfreak: Are this guys dating?

chokeonme__: I love their friendship 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

ronnyeboony: Nice Friendship 😍😍

miriammadammusi: Positive vibes only 🔥🔥🔥

adeolu_anita: Great friendship

maleshwanem: I’m absolutely happy to still them having fun after a long time ❤️ and I like they’re maintaining their friendship❤️❤️ nothing but love and respect for them 👏🙌

jemimahsamila: For real I love this laycon guy ooooo😍😍😍😍😍


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