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Update on Khafi vs. Metro Police: Khafi is in trouble with UK cops after appearing on a TV reality show.


Khafi and Gedoni

Khafi’s sexual involvement with Gedoni in season 4 of Big Brother Naija resulted in the Metropolitan Police Service of the United Kingdom separating itself from her.

Khafi Kareem, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, has stated that she appeared on the show to promote the British Metropolitan Police.

Kareem works for the Metropolitan Police Department.

During a misconduct hearing for her unapproved participation in the reality show, the reality TV star revealed this.

Kareem admitted to taking and surrendering her laptop to the show’s organizers, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The mother of one, on the other hand, disputed the charges of “orders and instructions” and “discreditable conduct” violations.

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During the hearing, Kareem also testified unequivocally that she failed to declare a business interest in the TV show’s publicity and promotion.

Kareem requested unpaid leave wages since she assisted in the promotion of the Metropolitan Police during the hearing.

Because of the show’s antecedents in the United Kingdom, her line managers were said to be skeptical of her participation.

“Having seen the UK episodes of the show, concerns were raised. But, PC Kareem said Naija was not like the UK version. She saw it as a chance to promote the Met on an international basis,” Anne Studd QC, for the Met Police, told the tribunal.

“Looking at the website and information provided, Ch Supt Jason Gwillim concluded it was not in the best interests of the Met or the officer and it would put her in a compromising situation.”

Kareem was allowed leave but warned not to participate in the performance during the tribunal session, it was discovered.

She later called her boss to advise him that she had arrived in Lagos and would be participating in the program.

Khafi of BBNaija dispels rumors and says she’ll be back at work soon.

Kareem’s supervisor was more concerned about her mental health, the Met’s public image, and her behavior inside the mansion than anything else.

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