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“A woman’s worst enemy is another woman,” Destiny Etiko fumes as fans drops inciting response

“Talk to luchy Donald direct” Reactions as actress Destiny Etiko gives strong advice to women in a relationship

Destiny Etiko, a Nollywood screen diva, has sparked outrage online after making a statement about women being one other’s adversaries.

Destiny Etiko was seen in a TikTok video delivering tough advice to women on how to sustain their relationships.

Destiny Etiko warned women in the video to keep all their’man’ does for them hidden, claiming that a woman is the enemy of another woman.

“Don’t tell your pals if your man is polite to you. “A woman’s worst enemy is another woman,” she said.

Fans praised Destiny Etiko’s video in response to the story, believing she said the right thing. Some, though, who thought she was making a dig at her colleague Luchy Donald, encouraged her to stop.

sandramowarin: Luchy Donald is setting her ring light

realsheila_chimdimma: Talk to luchy Donald direct no dey go through corner

Destiny Etiko and Luchy Donalds rekindled their feud after the former showed off her expensive shopping bags, according to ENaija TV.

The feud between the erstwhile best friends began in 2021, when Luchy Donalds retaliated against Destiny Etiko over a remark she made about her shopping bags.

Destiny Etiko was chastised by Luchy Donalds for getting a series of procedures to achieve her voluptuous stature and lying to her admirers about her tummy and ass are natural.

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