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Nkechi Blessing proves to Daddy Freeze that she does not wear pants, as Opeyemi Falagan accuses Netizens of double standard.


You don’t need pants if you have this – Daddy Freeze reacts as Nkechi Blessing Sunday shows what she wears in place of panties

Nkechi Blessing Sunday’s ex-boyfriend, Nigerian politician Opeyemi Falegan, has reacted to being humiliated online over his outburst.

The lawmaker had previously stated that their relationship had terminated due to Nkechi’s purported poor hygiene. He claims that the actress wears the same underwear for days and rarely cleans her home.

Falegan drew abuse from social media users when his message went viral. Falegan addressed this on his Instagram page, asking why he is now the bad guy.

He also inquired as to why the same was not said about Nkechi, who claimed to be a two-minute man, unemployed, and fed by her.

See his post:

Meanwhile, the conflict between actress Nkechi Blessing and former lover Opeyemi Falegan is far from done, as the actress has proven to Daddy Freeze that she does not wear pants, contrary to what her ex-boyfriend said.
Nkechi Blessing Sunday recently told ENaija TV that she dislikes wearing pants. While defending her ex-lover Opeyemi Falegan’s claims against her, the actress revealed this quite shocking and embarrassing admission.
Opeyemi Falegan had accused Nkechi Blessing of being unsanitary, accusing her of wearing only one pair of pants for three days.
Nkechi responded quickly, revealing that she hasn’t worn panties since she was 18 for reasons unknown to her.
 “Wow just wow..LMAO I am glad your lies be staring into your face Gidigba.. it’s a Known Fact that I NBS have never worn a pant since I was 18… Opeyemi Just WOW..that was a weak come back bro…leave me alone in peace ,when talking about hygiene pls clean that rat hole you live in first.this battle is a lost one already..Stay Dead pls X why is it so hard for you to move on, Na by Force? If I decide to go that route with you, Omo you no go like me sha.…..LEAVE ME ALONE!”
“You have tried all your possible best to get people on your side but none seems to workout..Then this mighty lie that even the child wey dem born yesterday know say I no Dey near anything called Pata.. God just use this your lie vindicate me,, Oh I serve a living GOD 
NBS Pant? Lmao. I no get one single Pata bro,maybe your are mistaking me for the 21 year old girl you were begging for 50k€ Bro you Dey dream? This one shock me sha.. very laughable…Same P you Dey forget your hand sleep wake up…Ashiere ni Ope yi sha I can’t stop laughing!!!”.she wrote.

To further her case, Nkechi Blessing disclosed the type of undergarments she wears instead of a pant in an interview with Daddy Freeze and two other ladies.

She claims that she prefers body suits to pants since they have a bra fit.

Daddy Freeze reacted by saying that if she wears this kind of underwear, she doesn’t need trousers….

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