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Tacha reveals she has started liking a boy.

Cross and Tacha

Anita Natacha Akide, better known as Symply Tacha, an ex-housemate of the reality show Big Brother Naija, appears to be in love.

Tacha, who is one of the show’s most divisive housemates, said on her Twitter account that she had been talking to a male for a while and has progressively grown to like him.

“I have been texting with this boy for days now, I think I like him, ” she tweeted. 

Fans who can’t wait to see their favorite married to the love of her life reacted to her tweets in a variety of ways.

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Tacha gave viewers something to shout about during the Big Brother Naija episode after a video of her declaring she favors married men over single males was posted online.

Tacha, who was an ordinary Nigerian social media savvy girl before entering the Big Brother Naija house, revealed why she likes dating married men to single males on her social media profile in 2018.

Married men, she claims, are less stressful, give money, and don’t get to have sex with you all night, unlike young males who demand sex but can’t afford to pay her bills.

“People often wonder why girls love/prefer to date married me. Listen, married men are less stress, they do not stress us. They give us money without us asking for it, they don’t constantly sleep with you. They can’t cheat on you because they have a wife and yes, I’m aware you have a wife, so we’re both good. But you see regular boyfriends are always broke and when they finally give you 5k, they want to hang one leg in the bathroom and the other leg in the kitchen and have sex with you,” she said.

Been texting with this boy for days now, I think I Like Him..

— TACHA.ETH🔱🇳🇬🇬🇭 (@Symply_Tacha) April 30, 2022

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