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BBNaija Reunion: “Cross Came To Ask Me If I Wanted To Be His Girlfriend But I Turned Him Down” – Angel


BBNaija Reunion: "Cross Came To My House And Asked Me If I Wanted To Be His Girlfriend But I Turned Him Down" - Angel Drops Bombshell

Angel surprised everyone on Sunday night’s Big Brother Naija reunion program when she announced that Cross had asked her to be his girlfriend.

Angel explained that she couldn’t understand why Cross would try to keep their friendship hidden from the public when she had never expressed interest in being his girlfriend.

Then she described an incident between them in which he asked her out.

Cross allegedly paid her a visit at her house one day and asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend during an argument, but she declined.

Cross was acting like he was this golden boy female housemates were pursuing after the show, and his followers made it look like she and Saskay were fighting over him when that wasn’t the case at all, she added.

Cross asking Angel if she was interested in being his girlfriend comes as a shock to us since it portrays him as untrustworthy after he publicly stated that he was never interested in a relationship with Angel.

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