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BBNaija Reunion: “I rejected N20million and several deals for us” Cross speaks on his failed relationship with Saskay. (Video)


BBNaija Reunion: “I rejected N20million and several deals for us” Cross speaks on his failed relationship with Saskay, reveals his first crush

On lastnight’s episode of Big Brother Naija’s’shine ya eyes’ reunion, another episode of turmoil, failed friendships, and relationships was addressed.

The Saskay-Cross-Jaypaul triangle was addressed in the tenth episode.

Cross stunned many when he disclosed that he turned down a 20 million gift from shippers while fighting back and forth about why their relationship broke.

He also revealed that he and Saskay turned down a joint endorsement agreement and a chance for them to star in a music video together.

He did this, he claims, to prevent deceiving followers into thinking they were dating.

Cross stated that he liked Saskay and wished for things to work out between them, but Saskay refused to put out any effort.

He thought the black beauty was using him as a strategy in the house

“I feel like she’s playing me and using me as a strategy,” he added.  I never knew she liked Jaypaul.

Maria was my first crush, I stated it in the home and I’d always say it, but there were a few of things about her that I didn’t like, Maria.”  

“I liked Saskay enough to want to have something with her”.


“It’s a game,” he claimed of his interactions with the other women in the house. It’s impossible to put all your eggs in one basket.”

Cross stated the whole thing was messed up and blown out of proportion when asked about the leaked voice note in which he bashed Saskay and her fans.

He said that all he wanted to do was get out of the love triangle, but many people misconstrued him.

Cross admitted his mistake and apologized to her.

Jaypaul, for one, said he had no knowledge about the Cross and Saskay ship until he left the residence.

For him, he hoped for a lovely friendship outside the house and hoped to see her win, but neither of these things happened.

He stated that he wanted nothing more from Saskay than to be friends with her, but that she placed a higher premium on her fans and supporters, and that she never took their friendship seriously.

He talked about how he always checked in on her and gushed over her in interviews, but she never responded.

When Saskay went on an interview and questioned, “Who is Jaypaul?” Jaypaul stated that he was hurt.

 He wanted Saskay to come out and declare “Jaypaul was a lovely person” after hearing negative comments about him from her fans and inner circle, but she never did.

Saskay, the Queen of the Night, expressed her feelings regarding the triangle ship.

She indicated that she wanted to find a balance between the two men, but she now believes she made the wrong choice. Saskay denied playing any of them and stated that she tried her hardest to keep both friendships together.

“We are just acquaintances,” Jaypaul said of the trio’s relationship. “When we meet one other, we say hello.” We aren’t friends because a friend checks in on the other, and I check in on her but she doesn’t.”

Their friendship, according to Cross, was non-existent.

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