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BBNaija Reunion: “Saskay Denied Me More Times Than Judas Denied Christ” – JayPaul Pour Out His Heart Out (Video)


BBNaija Reunion: “Saskay Denied Me More Times Than Judas Denied Christ” - JayPaul Bare His Heart Out

After the reality program, JayPaul’s erstwhile love interest, Saskay, basically put him under the bus, according to him.

In response to Ebuka’s question concerning his predicament with Saskay and Cross, Jaypaul replied that he had no idea Cross was involved until Ebuka revealed it during one of the Sunday live broadcasts.

He also made it clear that the flower he gave Saskay when he discovered Cross was in the picture wasn’t meant to make her jealous, but rather to show how much he loved about her.

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In response to Ebuka’s question about how his chat with Saskay about her stance on their relationship affected him, Jaypaul replied that he expected the two to become friends after the program, especially since she informed him she liked him as well.

He predicted a lovely friendship outside the program based on how close they were in the house.

He claimed that he had nothing but good things to say about Saskay on his media tours and interviews.

He revealed that he had been dragged by her supporters and everyone around her, and had even been accused of sexually assaulting her, and that he anticipated her to say something wonderful about him the instant she came out, easing the tension.

Saskay, on the other hand, did not. She continued to deny him during interviews, and if his name was mentioned, she would inquire, “Who is JayPaul?” This upset him a lot.

JayPaul went on to imply that Saskay had refused him more times than Judas had denied Christ, but he was referring to Peter.

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