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BBNaija’s Angel Smith’s father calls out Cross over Outburst On Reunion Finale.


BBNaija’s Angel Smith’s father calls out Cross

Baron Meyagy, the father of Big Brother Naija’s’shine ya eyes’ reality star Angel JB Smith, has chastised Cross for his remarks during the reunion’s last show.

Cross acknowledged how much he has done for his parents during a violent confrontation with Angel Smith.

Following the news, numerous people began dragging her parents’ pages.

Baron questioned why Cross would go on live television to give the idea that he had done something for him on Twitter.

To clear the air, he stated that he had asked the reality star and several others to donate to a Christmas charity event he and his girlfriend were hosting for an orphanage.

He tweeted,

“Dear @crossdabossike I don’t know why you’d go on live tv to give the impression that you have done stuffs 4 me? I asked you and several people to donate to a charitable cause my partner and I held 4 an orphanage for Xmas, of which u did & got tagged 2d videos? This is wrong!”.

Angel Smith, his daughter, hit out against trolls who criticized her parents for feeding off Cross just hours before his call-out.

This followed after Cross issued a statement in which he mentioned things he had done for Angel’s father.

A Twitter user, on the other hand, went on the hunt for the truth about Cross’s help to Angel’s parents.

“Cross gave Angel’s father and mother money?”.

In a series of tweets, Angel rejected the charges, claiming that her parents never requested money from him and that he had merely contributed to her father’s organization.

“Are you out of your stupid ass mind??? Don’t try me this evening. My father and your boy did a charity case together and they donated to an orphanage. Cut that bs out.

You all better leave my Goodman alone; because I will go to war for him.

“And let everyone call me angry and defensive; I don not care. Whatever narrative about me can fly but you see my parents? You will not dare label them as beggars”.


BBNaija’s Angel Smith’s father calls out Cross

BBNaija’s Angel Smith’s father calls out Cross

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