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BBNaijaS7 Day 2: “Yesterday was for househelps”, Drama as Biggie unveils an ultra-modern house for new housemates


BBNaijaS7 Day 2: "Yesterday was for househelps", Drama as Biggie unveils an ultra-modern house for new housemates

As Biggie finally blessed their view with the ultra-modern rendition of the erstwhile BBNaija Level Up home, fans of the Big Brother Naija show have reacted.

The first BBNaija season 7 Level Up house was shown to fans during the first live show of the season, and internet users bemoaned its subpar décor.

Nigerians who were struggling took on the house’s designs. While some claim there are too many colors present, others claim the scene is more reminiscent of a kindergarten classroom.

Recently, Biggie revealed a fresh twist for the housemates as a new house was revealed for the second round of BBNaija housemates, according to an ENaija TV update.

Fans of the show said that the first group of housemates were from the trenches and that Biggie had put them in a compact but cozy apartment that was meant to “self contain” them as a result of the newly revealed house.

dndluxury_: No one will tune into that gh*tto as* blue haunt*d house anymore ,this house is way much better

annex_beddings: Thank God for this new house oh yesterday’s own was for the trenches

_radiantj_: This is the real house..the other one is the boys quarters

prizzygat: Yesterday ox na mainland house. Na today biggie show us island house trenches VS Rich kids😂

mizgold2: Na this one be house 😂😂😂

mylittlecakebox: Island VS Mainland on your screens

ezealachikaijeoma: Na now the real big brother start, yesterday was small brother, this is the real house, we know

maquillage_by_abyna: This is better. The one we seeing di33 it’s too hard to watch

oyindml__: Yesterday was for househelps

lavivia25: Yesterday was for trenches 😂😂😂 today nay for man no man 😂😂😂

aiseosa_: But wetin yesterday housemates do biggie wey e put them for self con

i.amzara_: Yesterday was for people in the trenches(mainland) Today is for island people

amahblankson: Hah.I come fear yesterday…so Biggie is hiding his house now …issokay

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