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BBNaijaS7 Day 8: Level 2 has Eviction Diary Sessions and Here are what they had to say.


Day 8: Level 2 has Eviction Diary Sessions

All 12 Level 2 Housemates were summoned by Biggie for the Eviction Diary Room Session. Biggie asked each of them two typical questions despite the fact that the majority of them appeared extremely nervous. He started by inquiring about their week in the House and their predictions for tonight’s eviction.

Daniella was the first Level 2 Housemate to talk to Biggie. She reacted by saying she is not prepared to leave the House when Biggie asked her what would happen if she were to be kicked out. Because Bryann and Cyph were the two front-runners at the Head of House Games, she selected them as the possible housemates to be evicted tonight.

Following her session, Kess spoke. He said that being in the House was enjoyable, especially since he is a big admirer of the program. It’s been a fun period for him, and the shock value of the program hasn’t diminished. He doesn’t know who would be evicted in either Level 1 or Level 2 about evictions.

The following Housemate to sit and talk with Biggie was Phyna. She believes that because the housemates have formed such strong relationships with one another, an eviction will lead the house to become unstable. She has no idea who might be kicked out tonight. She has enjoyed her time in the House and is pleased that she was admitted in the first place.

The beginning of Bryann’s diary session was tense. He was forced to give an explanation for why he kept Biggie waiting and he was really sorry. Because he has made connections with people he has never met before in the past week, living in the House has been an unreal experience for him. Since they received the most screen time during the Head of House Games, Khalid, Cyph, and himself answered the question about eviction after he heaved a long sigh. He believes that because of his intensity, his fellow Housemates might be threatened by him.

Pharmsavi entered the diary room and expressed his gratitude for the chance to meet new people, saying that his time in the house has been exciting and fun. He expressed the same views on eviction that Bryann did. He speculates that Bryann and Khalid may be leaving because of the HoH competitions.

The encounter with Beauty began with a request that she take off her glasses. She has found her stay to be interesting. She stays with individuals from many walks of life for the first time in her life. Conflicts did arise, but it was still enjoyable. She says that anyone, including herself, might be facing eviction but she is unable to reveal who will be evicted today.

The past week has been both joyful and difficult for Cyph. He has become quite interested in learning about people’s characteristics. Bryann, Khalid, Phyna, Amaka, and he himself could all be evicted from his home. Himself believes that Bryann and he would be removed from the House because they are seen as a threat.

Christy O. has so far benefited from the House. She has enjoyed herself greatly and has learned a lot. Who might be kicked out this week is a mystery to her. This was the day’s shortest diary session.

In his diary session, Biggie was told by Khalid that living in his house has been the best opportunity of his life. He appreciates the chance to socialize with new people. Christy O, according to Khalid, could face eviction. He believes she is intelligent but is not yet providing the drama that viewers are expecting from the show.

Amaka believes her time has been brief but enjoyable. Does she believe she could be evicted?

A rollercoaster ride has been Groovy’s journey. Although there were some dark points, particularly with Beauty, it’s been a lot of fun. He has generally felt “vibes atop vibes.” His time has been spent showcasing his abilities, and he hopes that his time on the show can continue, especially as the first person to enter the House. He describes his housemates as “great individuals,” says he provided the Groovy atmosphere, and is excited to see what else he can add. He believes Amaka may be up for eviction tonight because she had not have enough opportunity to get to know the other contestants properly.

Is anybody returning home tonight? What plans does Biggie have in store? We shall find out, just have to stay tuned.

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