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BBNaijaS7 Day 16: “What is it, Must it be everynight?” viewers react, as Amaka watches Khalid and Daniella making out (video)


viewers react, as Amaka watches Khalid and Daniella making out (video)

Khalid and Daniella, Level Up Housemates, have come under fire from Nigerians and Big Brother Naija season 7 Level Up viewers after they were both seen on tape making out beneath the blanket in Biggie’s Level Up House.

Since their first week in the House, Khalid and Daniella, who have been dating, have consistently been seen sleeping in the same bed.

Even after only two weeks on the program, the two Housemates are still quite close and are probably not going to let up any time soon.

Remember how just a few days into the program, Khalid and Daniella were caught sharing a private time under the Big Brother’s duvet? Well, at around two in the morning on Monday, August 8, the lovebirds had it out again.

Amaka, who sleeps in the bed next to theirs, was observed intently observing what was happening between Khalid and Daniella under the duvet during the private moment.

Amaka undoubtedly noticed that Daniella and Khalid were having a sexual relationship. And the video showed Daniella riding her love interest Khalid in style.

Shortly after the intimacy ended, Khalid was spotted getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom, perhaps to dispose of the contraceptive that had been used.

However, BBNaija viewers have responded to what happened between Daniella and Khalid on social media platforms. While the majority of viewers decried the incident, others believe that people should stop condemning and judging them because they are adults who are capable of making their own decisions.

Here are a few of the comments that Twitter’s microblogging service collected.

@mrolamide; “It’s quite unfair to hold Daniella and Khalid to standards that most can’t live up to, you expect sxually active adults of opposite sx to stay in a house for 72days without any sexual urge? Can you do that? They’re humans & humans have biological needs!”

@PereEgbi; “Nigerians stop criticizing Daniella and Khalid! Self righteousness! Just stop it. Let them be. You ain’t better than them”.

@Eshamo; “Please you people should allow Khalid and Daniella Inculcate while they can, when Khalid leaves, we will know if Daniella is doing this for Love or based on availability”.

@pukka_; “Daniella and Khalid will come out tomorrow and say it’s content they were putting out. What rubbish content. Content this content that that’s why beauty is out of the house because of over content”.

@casualchaos; “Y’all judge people too much abeg. What is it? Y’all will start dating a Nigga first week and f*ck him 17hrs each day and want to come here and tell Daniella when and when not to be human? Very mean”.


@gagasmallz; “You are criticising someone for doing what you do in private. Give Daniella and Khalid a slack. Lol”.

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