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BBNaijaS7 Day 35: How Biggie’s intervention failed to end the food war in his Level Up House. (Video)

Day 35: The food war continues – BBNaija

See the moment Biggie intervened and fights afterwards.

The Level Up Housemates’ debate about food and who should eat what led to a really raucous evening. After the Arena Games, Amaka, Phyna, Bella, Chizzy, and Sheggz all had a lot to say about the food situation.

Chizzy got into a verbal altercation with Bella and Sheggz when the HMs returned from the Arena Games after he referred to Bella as a thief. Chizzy was advised to pursue adequate education and learn how to interact with ladies by Sheggz and Bella, who did not take this lightly. They continued after that.

They made it abundantly apparent that he was neither their father nor their king, and that as a result, he had no authority to decide what they ate. Was Chizzy being facetious about his fellow HM’s eating habits, or was he quite serious?

Whatever the reason, he didn’t respond when Bella and Sheggz spoke to him over the dinner table, giving the impression that he wasn’t handling the taunts well.

Doyin later went up to Chizzy to make a confession and to calm him down. Doyin informed him that she was the one who had taken the egg, but she had also informed the House of her intention to take it.

Doyin was forced to inquire as to why Chizzy wasn’t attacking her in the same manner that he attacked Bella after this explanation failed to soothe him. 

Chizzy told Doyin  that he had his justifications for speaking to Bella the way he did.

We don’t know what prompted Chizzy’s outburst, but given that he will remain on the program through the season’s finale, we are interested in learning more about how he interacts with Bella and Sheggz.

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