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BBNaijaS7 Day 36: Giddyfia and Rachel’s sudden closeness – A Secret Ship in the Level Up House? (Video)

Day 36: Giddyfia and Rachel's sudden closeness– BBNaija

After the Saturday Task Presentation victory celebration for Adekunle and Chomzy. We found Rachel in the restroom with Giddyfia, her night took an unexpected turn.

Giddyfia revealed his disappointment with Rachel during their private talk, which was captured on camera. He observed how animated and enthusiastic she was when she was around Adekunle.

Giddyfia also wanted to be honored, which prompted Rachel to apologize to him in the restroom. Giddyfia eventually wrapped her arms around Rachel to stop her from crying after a lengthy apology.

At the Saturday Night Party, Rachel and Giddyfia patched things up after their frank encounter.

Giddyfia couldn’t seem to keep his hands off Rachel as they were seen performing provocative dance moves together on the dance floor.

When he did, Rachel, who was having a great time at the Beach party, quickly swung in to enjoy a dance with Adekunle.

We can recall Diana calling Rachel stupid for believing Giddyfia is attracted to Rachel. At the previous Saturday Night Party, Diana was shouting when she noticed how cuddly Rachel was with Giddyfia.

In case you missed the drama, watch video below:

We can’t help but wonder how long Rachel and Giddyfia have been friends even if Diana didn’t raise a scene at last two satrday night’s party.

Diana didn’t seem upset by Rachel and Giddyfia’s interaction at the party. She had, however, sneaked to the toilet doors earlier to overhear their bathroom conversation.

Do you believe Diana was correct to suspect Giddyfia and Rachel at one point? Post your comments in the section below.

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