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BBNaijaS7 Day 42: All the fights, Ship wreck and parties of Week 6 in the Big Brother Level Up House. (Video)

Day 42: Week 6 in the Big Brother House

In Biggie’s House, another week is filled with tremendous drama, shipping, and general enjoyment.

The Level Up Housmatese began their week with the good news that no one would be evicted on Sunday night, but this joy soon turned sour as Biggie shocked the Housemates with the eviction Amaka on Monday night immediately following Dotun’s victory in the HoH competition. The sixth week in Biggie’s House was very tough due to this and other intense incidents.

Shocking Amaka’s eviction.

The Housemates were shocked to learn that no one was going home on Sunday after waking up tense and concerned about the impending Eviction. They also learned that night that Modella was a fake housemate.

After Dotun won the HoH Challenge, just as the Housemates though it would be the end of the week, Biggie startled them with a surprise eviction.

The Housemates were instructed by Biggie to nominate two of their colleagues for immediate possibility of eviction. Amaka was the housemate who received the most nominations from the housemates and was evicted immediately, making her the 8th housemateto leave the show.

Biggie questioned the Housemates about Amaka’s unexpected Eviction the day after it happened. There were many explanations presented, with Eloswag and Hermes alleging Amaka did not give enough effort during the Games.

The Gbasgbos

Is there ever a week at Biggie’s house that is drama-free? Of course not, and this past week was no exception. Following the Live Show, Eloswag had a fit of rage and confronted Amaka, Bella, and Chichi about a Chomzy-related rumor chain concerning Phyna and Groovy’s relationship.

The arguments between Eloswag and Chichi over using the restroom persisted throughout the week. Phyna was accused of cheating by Deji during a Task, which caused an angry exchange between Deji and Groovy.

Ships Turmoil.

The Level Up House witnessed many ships shake to their very core, and we are unsure of how the coming week will fare. Many people questioned the legitimacy of Bella and Sheggz’s ship and if it would withstand the test of time after a number of disputes they had over the week.

Due to Phyna’s apparent behavior after drinking, Groovy and Phyna also had a major shakeup and split up. After talking to one another later, the two reconciled.

Dotun had the chance to get close to Daniella as well after inviting her to join him in the HoH Room.

Under the covers, they engaged in private chats and made awkward gestures that suggested they were moving things along. But when Daniella made it obvious to Biggie and some of her fellow housemates that she would draw a line in her relationship with Dotun out of respect for Khalid, with whom she had a ship before being evicted, shippers received a harsh awakening.

Hermes and Allysyn discussed their relationship as well, and it appeared that things were not looking good for them in the future. The possibility that she would lose out in their relationship outside of the House worried Allysyn.

Lit parties

The Level Up Housemates are known for their ability to part hard, and this week was no exception. Many of your favorite people engaged in bumping and grinding during the pool party on Thursday.

The Housemates briefly gave the impression that they wanted to put on a performance for the audience. Whatever the situation, we can attest that they showed up and showed out!

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