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BBNaijaS7 Day 43: Meet and Identify with your Favourite Housemate Fan base.

Day 43: BBNaija Housemates and their fan names

Each season, Biggie’s housemates have a few supporters in the outside world who work to keep their favorite in the House. This year is no exception, as each Housemate has amassed a following over time who root for them to succeed. 

The intriguing moniker that these fan bases give themselves is another fascinating aspect of them. So let’s examine the name of this season’s fan base and how big it is. Let’s begin…

Adekunle – Islanders

Adekunle, who is from Lagos Island, is referenced in the name of this fandom. Adekunle has frequently discussed his native country and how it has shaped his upbringing and way of thinking. Therefore, it seemed appropriate for his following to adopt the name of his favorite country.

Allysyn – Allies

This is a clear play on Allysyn’s name since her fan following is made up of people named Allies. An ally is someone who aligns with and supports a person’s cause, therefore it only seems sense that Allysyn fans would use that term to describe themselves since it also works well with the name of their favorite.

Bella – Rebellz

The Rebellz seem to be known for being brash and defiant. They are Bella’s fan base, whose favorite was undoubtedly the inspiration for Bella’s name. The Rebellz have made the decision to always support their favorite.

Bryann – Vibryannts

Vibryannts refers to Bryann’s following. Their name is a pun on the term bright and the name of their favorite band. The Vibryannts have been a force for some time, and they initially demonstrated their might by preventing Bryann from being evicted in the fourth week of the season.

Chichi – Champs

Chichi’s fiery Housemate has a following called The Champs. They may have taken the initial two letters of their name from the name of their favorite. They have declared Chichi to be their ultimate Champion, and they are firmly behind her.

Chizzy – ChizzyRiders

Who claims that Rider cannot attract a following? Chizzy has a devoted fan base that has decided to support him through day 72, despite the fact that he is a Rider and cannot win. They are essentially his life or death.

Chomzy – The Credibles 

The Credibles make it a duty to maintain their credibility in their commitment to their leader Chomzy, breaking from the custom of using the name of their favorite to name their fan community.

Daniella – Dynamites

It’s unclear whether the Dynamites got their moniker from the first letter of their favorite Daniella’s name, but they’ve made the decision to be explosive in their support for her.

Deji – Deji Nation

Even the fake housemate got him his own friends. Deji entered the House as a fake housemate, but he has now gained his own following of admirers who enjoy both his personality and the things he does there.

Diana – Diamonds

The Diamonds are the name of Diana’s following. Can we claim that this is a play on her name’s first two letters? They consider themselves to be as refined as their queen, and they will stand by her throughout the entire season.

Dotun – Dominators

The Dominators are Dotun’s current HoH’s supporters. They are determined to exert dominating influence in order to elevate their favorite.

Doyin – Delights

The Delights are admirers of Doyin, a trendy housemate. No one knows how they got their name, but they have determined that by making sure their favorite stays strong at Biggie’s House, they will thrill them.

Eloswag – Vibez Nation 

The Vibez Nation is the two-time HoH Eloswag fan club, and they most certainly did not choose a name based on their favorite. They do, however, take steps to ensure that positive energy supports their save.

Giddyfia – Fianation

This may be a play on the name of a group of characters from a well-known cartoon, but the Fianation is unwavering in its support for their favorite Giddyfia.

Groovy – Groovers

The origin of the moniker of their fan base was made abundantly clear by The Groovers. They have a definite stake in ensuring that their favorite band has enough of groove as they reach the season’s peak.

Hermes – Coolest Tribe

The Hermes fan community made the decision to choose a moniker for themselves based on his personality. Hermes is undoubtedly a hip Housemate, and his supporters chose to support him in the most stylish manner imaginable.

Phynation – Phyna

The Phynation got its name from their champion Phyna, of course. They are a powerful force that have supported her since the first Eviction of this season, and they will undoubtedly stand up for her the entire time.

Raiders Rachel

Another Rider in the House, Rachel has gained the affection of many people who have chosen to identify as “Raiders.” Is this a reference to her being a Rider? Although she won’t take home the grand prize, they will undoubtedly cheer on their favorite all the way through.

Sheggz – SheggzFc

SheggzFc chose a name for their fan community that was direct and to the point. Sheggz once played soccer, which is why the fan base is called FC. They have made it a point to support their primary character all the way through.

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