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Bode George will not be voting for his party candidate Atiku Abubakar unless ….

Bode George, a senior member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has stated categorically that he will not support Atiku Abubakar for president unless the national chairperson is assigned to the south-west.

In an interview with Arise News TV on Tuesday, George said this.

The PDP leader has been among the most vocal in demanding for Iyorchia Ayu to step down as the party’s national chairman.

The argument used to demand Ayu’s resignation is that the national chairman and presidential candidate of the PDP cannot be from the same area. It is a problem that has made the party’s dilemma worse.

Speaking on the subject, George claimed that by delivering “to Caesar what belongs to Caesar,” the PDP’s internal strife might be resolved.

He continued by saying that since the party’s founding, the south-west has not held the position of national chairman, and that situation needs to be fixed before the 2023 elections.

“It is not a solution that cannot be handled. All we are saying is give what belongs to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Give us what belongs to us. Turn by turn Nigeria limited,” he said.

“Take for example, what I am angry about is, the first chairman was the late Solomon Lar from north-central. The second chairman, north-central. The third chairman, Audu Ogbe, was from north-central. The fourth chairman, Amadu Ali, from north-central; Kawu Baraje, from Kwara, was also north-central. Now you have Ayu, also north-central.

“The south-west has never enjoyed this position since the party started almost 25 years ago. What is our crime? If you are telling us you want to rule this country, you have to weave all the tribes and all the people together.

“That is the major problem, and unless that is resolved, I will not vote for our own candidate.”

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