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“Chizzy’s fart smells better than you” – Doyin replies a troll.

“Chizzy’s fart smells better than you” – Doyin replies a troll.

After a troll on Twitter questioned Doyin about if she was referring to her partner, Chizzy, a fellow reality TV star, the ex-brother Naija Season 7 reality TV star, Doyin slammed the person. 

Doyin had posted about several persons who didn’t use deodorant.

The reality celebrity thinks that leaving one’s house/homes without deodorant should be illegal.

Doyin continued, saying that this group of individuals who do not spend money on maintaining a pleasant scent are harming people’s airways.

She didn’t stop there; she said that the Ozone layer was being depleted and that it was foolish for individuals to engage in such behavior.

The Twitter troll questioned her in her comment section if she was making reference to her partner, Chizzy.

Responding to the troll, Doyin wrote;

“I’m gonna break hearts”- Tiwa Savage’s son Jamil says.

“I’m gonna break hearts”- Tiwa Savage’s son Jamil says.

In another development, A popular video featuring Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian popular music artist, and her son Jamil Balogun, a.k.a. Jam Jam, has since gone viral and, as a result, elicited a variety of responses from online users.

In the Instagram live video, Tiwa Savage adopts a motherly tone as she warns her son after learning of his plans to destroy many people’s hearts.

Tiwa Savage humorously voiced her doubts about whether she should keep putting out songs or prioritize other things.

At that point, Jamil, who was by her side, advised his mother to concentrate on destroying hearts because he planned to do the same.

Jamil was immediately sternly warned by Tiwa not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

“Break? no. It’s not good to break anybody’s heart. You’re not gonna break anybody’s heart”,Tiwa warned him.

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