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Miracle blows hot at Yemi’s behavior towards his partner, Khosi

Following the last Sunday eviction show, Khosi was furious with Yemi because he had misled her into believing that she was the sole woman and that he had no feelings for Blue Aiva.

Yemi denied coming to kiss Blue Aiva every night when Ebuka alleged he was always observed doing so during yesterday’s live eviction.

Yemi apologized to her, telling her that what Ebuka had stated wasn’t real and that the only way for her to believe him was for Big Brother to play a recording for her to view.

When Khosi started crying after their chat, her partner Miracle OP approached her but Yemi instructed him to act his age and that she was OK.

Because he likes Khosi and doesn’t like the way Yemi is treating her, Miracle OP stormed out of the place and made the decision to share his burden with Thabang.

He continued by telling Thabang that he doesn’t respect Yemi as a man and that Yemi should be ashamed of himself.

Additionally, Miracle OP stated that he will not put up with Yemi disrespecting Khosi once again and that he will beat Yemi up in only five minutes.

“That 30y/o Yemi is not a man, i have no respect for him as a man nor as an individual. I just need 5mins in the ring to fight him,”

Watch the Video below;

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