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BBTitans: Tsatii and Thabang speaks about experiencing peace in the house.

Early in the morning, Tsatsii and Thabang spoke about the calm they are now feeling in the house with the removal of some housemates, as well as how they are handling the nomination twist.

Ipeleng, who has the Big Brother Titans’ Ultimate Veto Power

Ipeleng assumed the positions of Head of House and Supreme Veto Power Holder on Monday.

Her victory secured her a spot in the grand finale and came with a package containing a note that she was told not to open until the following Sunday.

Also, there was no nomination for the week, which has the other housemates perplexed.

The housemates were taken aback by this change in the nominations; earlier today, Tsatsii told Thabang that it was the biggest mood of the week.

Tsatsii claimed they were both living on vibes this week and weren’t really concerned about anything until Sunday when the box assigned to Ipeleng will be opened, adding that the absence of a nomination was “the largest vibe” for them.

Thabang also informed Tsatsii of the tranquility she had after other housemates had been kicked out. Was Yelisa mentioned in his speech? He was, indeed.

Tsatsii and Thabang speaks about experiencing peace

He talked about how difficult it was to converse with one housemate without offending another.

He offered examples of Nelisa feeling envious if he chatted with Olivia and how Yemi Cregx was also not thrilled with his association with Khosi.

Will the box opening on Sunday disrupt this peace they feel? Let’s wait and see.

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