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Best Moments of your fave in the Big Brother House.

We’re on Day 71 in the Big Brother house and there have been highs, lows and everything in between. We’ve rounded up some of your fave housemates’ moments.

Innocent Ipeleng came in with the intention of playing the game. She still is, even though Biggie put so much pressure on her with the game-changing Supreme Veto Power. We’ve learned so much about Ipeleng and her capabilities, including her ability to win Friday Night Games (and the USD$1000 that comes with it). It’s all about the money, girl! Ka-ching.

No drama, no love lost, no backstabbing, no hate. Always the first one up and ready to cook up a storm for the housemates. Drop a beat any day for Ebubu and drums will roll. Over the season, Ebubu has shown up, supplying everything that’s musical and so much more.

A first on Big Brother, Tsatsii was named Head of House three times – but, during her reign, she lost the wager three times. However, she still managed to secure her spot in the final and a love life interest in the game. She also recently joining the thousand-dollar gang! Imbokodo!

Dubbed the “creator of content”, Khosi definitely knows how to pull off a show. When boredom strikes in the house, Khosi will always give us something to talk about. Between her love triangles, workout sessions, and ‘Coffee with Khosi’’, she’s giving.

Kanaga Jnr
We absolutely can’t argue with the Kanaga Jnr’s drip, swag, and fashion. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the charming boy express himself and kill it when it comes to dressing up. Give Kanaga Jnr a ramp, and he’ll be the first to strut his stuff.

Sassy Lady Yvonne, gives all: less drama, more fashion, love, and laughter. Stepping into the house Yvonne gave us laid-back vibes, the popular high school girl who kept it low-key. Over the weeks, she’s stepped out of her shell and showed off – and we liked it.

Here’s the gist of what the six remaining housemates have brought to the house.

Big Brother Titans Finalists bond in finale run-up

While they talked about their evicted colleagues and life outside the house today, the housemates developed relationships with one another at various points.

Early in the morning, Khosi mentioned that she was afraid to face the other housemates who had already been kicked out, particularly Yemi Cregx, because of how swiftly she had moved on.

She was with Ebubu, who reassured her that Yemi Cregx was mature enough to comprehend how she felt.

In the kitchen area, Ebubu, Kanaga Jr., Khosi, and Yvonne also engaged in a lengthy conversation during which they discussed former coworkers and the memories they shared with them.

Ebubu recalled how soothing it had been for him when Justin had made him breakfast.

They also discussed how much time they spent on tasks and games. Kanaga Jr. talked about the bravery required to compete and how the arena sports test your inner fortitude.

With a delightful breakfast in the yard and conversation about food and their hair, the female housemates also got to know one another.

They talked about the nightlife and concerts in Nigeria and South Africa before being joined by the male roommates.

It was undoubtedly a morning of bonding, and we hope it continues to be such until the very end. Or will we get a taste of vawulence before the season is over?

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