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Blaqboi and Khosi getting it on as Big Brother Titans enters day 65. 

We have been speculating about if Blaqboi and Khosi are involved as they have been much closer recently.

Blaqboi had been accused of having feelings for her by Khosi a few weeks prior, but he denied it and things appeared to be going well in the land.

Nonetheless, the two have raised eyebrows because of their growing closeness in the wake of Blue Aiva’s removal from the ship she shared with Blaqboi.

They both talked extensively about the recently evicted housemates Yemi Cregx and Miracle OP right after the live broadcast on Sunday.

Khosi joked about napping close to Blaqboi today and questioned whether he would criticize her.

As a gentleman, Blaqboi claimed it had no significance. Blaqboi disagreed with Khosi when he said it was a major thing for someone to leave their bed and take a nap on another person’s bed.

Was Khosi making out? There may be a budding bond between the two, but we are unsure.

Since Yemi Cregx, her first in-house love interest, was evicted, Khosi and Thabang have grown pretty close.

During the pool party on Thursday, she and Thabang shared a kiss, which went viral on social media.

Whether her attention shifts to Blaqboi or Thabang, Khosi has definitely got a talent when it comes to getting people into her corner. 

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