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Is the break-up between Khosi and Thabang permanent or not?

After kissing one other flirtatiously for a week, Khosi and Thabang had broken up. Although Khosi admitted she wasn’t sure who she wanted to be with when the show ended, the two made the decision to part ways.

Blaqboi and Khosi talked last night about the men in her life and how none of them had ever taken action that was significant enough for her.

However, Blaqboi called her out, saying that she was also complicating matters, and he cited how quickly Khosi moved on to Thabang after Yemi Cregx left.

He informed her that she was engaging in the same behavior that she had accused Yemi Cregx of engaging in when he was dating Blue Aiva.

We are unsure of Khosi’s feelings towards Blaqboi’s statement, but she looked troubled by it and brought it up to Thabang while they were napping in the morning.

Thabang made an effort to explain the circumstance, claiming he was unaware that Khosi had conflicting motives about their relationship. The two then made the decision to stop talking.

We are unsure of whether their choice will stand after reviewing the histories of both housemates in their prior relationships.

We can all recall the several breakups and reconciliations Khoyemi had, as well as Thabang’s interactions with Nelisa.

Here are a few of the factors that have us giving Khobang the evil eye. Who does Una fool, exactly?

In any case, it will be clear in the next days whether the Khobang will honor their present resolve to take some time apart. Or not …

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