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A look at how Khosi became a Big Brother Titans champion 

Let’s take a look at the path that guaranteed Khosi the Big Brother Titans crown.

Last night, Khosi was crowned as the first winner of Big Brother Titans, taking home a whopping US$100 000. 

We want to share with you a reflection on the actions she might have taken to win the crown.

Let’s begin by providing some background information on Khosi’s entry into the house. The native of KwaZulu-Natal had worked as a journalist for some time but desired more from life.

She tried her hand at a BBTitans audition in an effort to do this. With $100 000 at risk and instant fame at stake, it seemed like a smart move to advance her goals.

Lets Meet Khosi

The men in Khosi’s life

Had Khosi ever lived alone without a nearby male housemate? Don’t get us wrong; none of Khosi’s housemates contributed to her victory, but they did appear to be a part of her plan to take home the big prize.

Since a winner must always be strategic, she was on point when it came to determining her position on the chess board.

Khosi and Yemi Cregx developed a bond from their first night together in the home that lasted for weeks.

The two managed to make things work despite storms and sweltering nights (side-eyeing Miracle OP).

Khosi’s ship with Yemi Cregx, however, seemed to end with his eviction; and she and Thabang had started to share steamy kisses and admitted to having feelings for each other even before Yemi Cregx was evicted.

The fights

Even though Khosi said she would play the role of a clueless girl, she made sure she was never taken for a ride.

She stood her ground against Yemi Cregx throwing any form of disrespect her way and demanded loyalty from him. That’s a Queen B right there if you ask us.

As it appeared that Nana and Jenni O were being disrespectful, she also engaged in a throwdown with them.

She eventually found out that was not the case, but it sent the message that Khosi is not someone to play with with.

Presenter extraordinaire

Big Brother Titans is not a talent show but it is a platform that can be utilised by housemates to showcase their talent and Khosi did just that.

She brought her presentation skills to the limelight starting with the wager presentation that involved the housemates staging a cooking show.

She was so good, she became the go-to girl whenever a presenter was needed for a wager …

Coffee with Khosi

… then she gave us Coffee with Khosi which solidified her status as a superb presenter.


Khosi wasn’t all about the boys, you know. She also managed to have blooming friendships with Nana and Yvonne and did her best to be courteous to other female housemates.

She actually confessed to Biggie during her final diary session that she had felt some type of way about Ipeleng at first but soon came to realise how sweet she is.

The combination of all of the above alongside Khosi’s thirst for success made for the birth of a superstar.

We hope to see her do amazing things with the fame and recognition she achieved from BBTitans.

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