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The Giants Season of Big Brother Titans

With the dust finally having settled, it’s time to review the inaugural season of Big Brother Titans and what it has come to represent.

When it was announced last year that DStv viewers would be treated to a brand-new show in the Big Brother style, we got excited.

Big Brother Titans would combine two of Africa’s largest markets in a cooperative venture that would be shown worldwide, with housemates from South Africa and Nigeria.

The first 20 housemates were presented to viewers on January 15 during the show’s spectacular debut.

Audiences were appropriately delighted since it was immediately clear that there will be a wide range of personalities on exhibit.

Of course, there was still another character that needed to be introduced; this one would stick around for the entire season and be exempt from eviction while simultaneously being ineligible to win the $100,000 big prize.

The Titan house.

The setting was well tailored to the theme of the event, and viewers were never let down by the producers’ efforts.

The 20 housemates got along well right away, despite the fact that they would have had to find space with everyone jammed into one home. However, Biggie had an early surprise in store:

Four new housemates.

The house is now slightly fuller than it was before, but – as always – the new housemates were welcomed with open arms. (some of those arms more open than others, but more on that later).

Biggie threw yet another twist once the housemates had calmed down and had some time to get to know one another (again, some better than others).

From that point forward, the housemates would compete in pairs, each with a Nigerian and a South African, one male and one woman. In essence, there would need to be some teamwork.

This actually illustrates the point of the event, which was to provide a platform for cross-cultural interaction.

Both the housemates and the watchers would need to become familiar with their partners’ histories, worldviews, and objectives. In essence, voting was not permitted just on the basis of nationality.

The housemates appeared to understand this. On multiple occasions, they have made an effort to learn more about the two nations, exchanging information about their origins, their music, and their cuisine.

Of course, food was a major thing. It always is in Big Brother, but you can always tell when the competing nations have a diverse food culture like Nigeria and South Africa.

However, there was more to the 78 days in the house than simply exchanging cultures. There were assignments to finish, Head of House competitions to play, and competitions to win.

Some of the housemates did better than others in these. Three times, Tsatsii was crowned head of the house. (both in her own right and as one half of Royals alongside Ebubu).

Unfortunately, each of those thrones was followed by a defeat at the weekly wager assignment, so her propensity for success may not have been advantageous for the house as a whole.

The 24 housemates we indicated need to be reduced in order for the game to ultimately have just one winner.

The housemates are responsible for proposing prospective evictees, but the viewers ultimately decide who remains and who leaves. This technique sometimes occurred naturally. Occasionally, not so much:

But when it comes to nominations, a little bit of planning is always necessary. This was evident when Kanaga Jr. utilized his veto authority to nominate Marvin, his best friend.

By the time Marvin had to depart, there was much speculation about his motivations, but it had not been entirely settled.

In the end, the pairings were formally broken up, and the housemates started competing alone.

Ipeleng and Blaqboi, as well as Justin and Yvonne, were two examples of how many of them remained close.

Now that you’ve stayed with this piece for a while, here’s your reward: Big Brother audiences tend to talk about the relationships the most, and there were plenty of them to go around.

Because they both survived until the very last day, Kanaga Jr. and Tsatsii’s romance lasted the longest.

Although viewers, housemates, and hosts Lawrence and Ebuka were all perplexed by the nature of their relationship, it certainly got hot and heavy during the first week of the competition:

The ship between Khosi and Yemi was another one to leave early. Theirs was, to put it mildly, a turbulent one.

They frequently quarreled, gaslit, played mind games, made up, split up, and staged various public shows of affection.

Oh, and they frequently accused one another of being unfaithful. Fair enough, that’s most likely because they lacked faith.

After that came Miracle OP. His attraction to Khosi was immediately apparent, which would have been terrible enough, but his dislike of Yemi Cregx (which was shared) didn’t help matters.

Even though he had never been romantically involved with Khosi (at least not in her eyes), their relationship, known as the Khosicle, was intricate enough to cause problems.

Yemi’s blood was boiling, but it wasn’t just because of the threat posed by Miracle OP.

Her tight friendship with Thabang was another source of friction, and the man may have had good reason to be suspicious of her given that she was often cuddling up to him and whispering.

She and Thabang also got together quite quickly after Yemi was kicked from the show, so there’s that.

Oh, and Khosi revealed fairly early in the season that she does, in fact, have a boyfriend in the real world, and she hoped he wouldn’t be offended. Man is lucky.

But viewers might utilize other ships as subject matter for rumors.

Early on, Ipeleng and Lukay became very physical:

The conclusion and declaration of the winner came at last. Biggie took some time during the two-hour performance to address the six finalists and say his goodbyes. They were undoubtedly affected emotionally.

Khosi was almost always nominated, but viewers kept her in the competition until the very end and ultimately chose her as the winner.

But even once the lights in the Big Brother house are off, life goes on. It’s only getting started for the finalists, and especially for Khosi. In the upcoming years, we can be sure that they will be on all of our displays. The game can be won in more ways than just by winning it.

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