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Angel lambastes trolls after calling for a ban on babies

A few hours after requesting a travel ban on infants owing to their bothersomely loud antics, Angel Smith, a contestant on Big Brother Naija season 6, responded to trolls.

Do you recall when Angel tweeted about how noisy babies can be on airplanes and urged that a ban be implemented to stop them from boarding?

“They need to ban babies/toddlers from being able to board flights. Leave those noisy coco felons at home.” She tweeted

Online ire was directed at Angel after she referred to infants as felons, and jokes were made about her lack of parental instincts.

In response to the trolls, Angel Smith clarified her comments on the ban on infants riding in flights, stating it was just a joke.

In addition, she mentioned a few famous people who had condemned her for her post, claiming that she was the type of person who would speak up if they had treated her disrespectfully.

“Sometimes I just have to laugh at y’all. You would think after I called them coco felons, it would have been given away as a joke, but the country is hard, I guess, bite your lips and talk your shit.

“You guys love to pick a token person to bully, and you self-righteous public figures will pile on because you want to appeal to the public and be a good person so badly. I have nothing but respect for people in the industry, but please don’t look for my mouth, thank you.

“It was obviously a joke, I said Coco felons for a reason, leave me alone and stop being agbayas.

“When they are dragging public figures, younger and older you don’t see me under blogs giving my opinion, it’s called having respect. Learn some because I am a really quiet person, all I do is post my pictures, make jokes and mind my business. Please leave me alone because if I start, they will spin it and say I’m the villain because it’s so convenient to pick on me because I’m the odd one out in this country. Please leave me alone.”

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