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“If you like do monkey style, you will end up like others” Footballer Jude Ighalo’s estranged wife, Sonia throws shade

The former spouse of footballer Odion Jude Ighalo, Sonia Ighalo, has disparaged an unidentified woman.

Sonia stated on her Instagram profile that different sexual orientations can’t maintain a man.

No amount of sexual style, according to the mother of three, would secure him.

She believed she would go on to become just like those before her.

Despite the fact that she omitted names, many people think she is referring to her ex-husband’s new lover.

“If you like do monkey style, break your waist to enter by force. Sis you will END up like others. And the ‘birds’ before u”.

“If you like do monkey style, you will end up like others” Footballer Jude Ighalo’s estranged wife, Sonia throws shade

We are still legally married’ Jude Ighalo’s ex-wife, Sonia opens up

Sonia said that she and Jude are still conventionally and legally wed when asked about her marital status.

Sonia explained to her Instagram followers that although they are still legally and customarily married, they are not divorced.

However, they do set out time for each of their three kids.

BBNaija’s Uriel reacts to allegation of sleeping with Odion Ighalo

In 2020, the two fell out, and they haven’t spoken to one other since.

Recall that Sonia accused Uriel Oputa of BBNaija of sleeping with Jude Ighalo last year.

After publishing a picture of her ex-boyfriend, Uriel took to Instagram to criticize some women for slipping into his direct message.

Sonia reacted by accusing the former Big Brother Naija housemate of having a sexual relationship with her ex-husband and telling her to restrain herself from spewing venom on social media.

Uriel addressed the claim in a video posted to her Instagram page, denying any romantic ties to Ighalo or any other sugar daddies.

The reality TV personality claimed that she works arduously for her money using a variety of methods, including selling and updating wigs as well as influencing brand perception.

She added that she couldn’t be having sugar-daddy and be driving a Crosstour, warning Sonia to stop discrediting her hard work.

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