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Tsatsii Shares Shocking Details About Her Ties With KJ.

Tsatsii is one housemate that has been met with multiple criticism.

She has frequently been charged as being overly strategic.

She also made matters worse for herself by putting Kanaga Jr. up for eviction. Fans’ perceptions of her behavior were further solidified when she had the chance to save Kanaga but decided to leave him up for eviction instead.

The BBTitans star is now responding to these accusations, though. For a person to truly employ that as a plan, she asserts, “would be dumb,”

The celebrity responded to admirers who alleged that she was employing Kanaga Jnr as a ploy.

She revealed that she cared deeply for him. “To care for somebody is not easy”, she confessed.

She explained that it would be emotionally tasking to implore him as a strategy.

Although Tsatsii had explained herself before, it seems fans were disbelieving of her. She confessed that she no longer cares.

“As long as I know my truth and the person and I are good that is sufficient for me”, she said.

The star seems to be tired of being bombarded with these allegations. “If both parties are good, then who am I to prove it out there”, she concluded.

We guess, this is the last time Tsatsii would be addressing these claims. Do you believe she truly cared about Kanaga Jnr?

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