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Veteran actor, Saint Obi, Alafin Oro are dead

Obinna Nwafor, often known as Saint Obi, was an actor, producer, and director in the Nollywood industry.

According to reports, the actor passed away on Sunday, May 7, at the residence of one of his siblings.

The conflict between his siblings, it has been reported, is to blame for the delay in announcing his death, which reportedly took almost a week.

Obi Saint is 57 years old.

The cinema performer, who appeared in more than 100 films, rose to fame for his part in Zeb Eiro’s “Sakobi.”

He’s also well recognized for his parts in movies like Heart of Gold, Goodbye Tomorrow, and Candle Light.

An anonymous local resident had spotted Saint Obi, whom they recognized from his acting career, multiple times before his death on Sunday.

The following day, his body was taken to the morgue at JUTH. The actor had recently moved to his sister’s home in Jos, the capital of Plateau State, and was frequently seen being taken to the hospital.

The announcement of his passing came just hours after Yoruba actor Adedigba Mukail, well known by his stage as Alafin Oro, was reported dead by other Media houses.

A fellow actor, Kunle Afod, made the announcement of Alafin Oro’s passing in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Kunle Afod expressed his sorrow over the passing of a revered philosopher and Yoruba cultural expert in a message on his Instagram page.

Adedigba, RIP. We’re certain to miss you. The tragic news this morning absolutely crushed my heart @alafinoro1 sun re ooo, we drank from your River of knowledge, we know how vital you are,” Afod commented on Instagram.

In another post, Afod said: “Another library is burnt down today. A great philosopher. An icon with so much Yoruba knowledge. A lover of God @alafinoro1. You departed this sinful world early hour of today. May your gentle soul rest in peace.”

Other Nollywood stars also took to social media to mourn Alafin Oro.

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