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Adekunle Reveals The Reason He Did Not Attack Doyin Despite Insulting His Mom

Last night, Adekunle remained calm while Doyin hurled abuses at him. She even pulled his mother into their fight.

He was compared to a snake, she said. Despite all she said, Adekunle remained cool, calm, and collected.

Adekunle is finally breaking his silence. Adekunle is giving his opinions on the BBNaija Reunion show hours after it aired.

Everyone recognizes Adekunle’s intelligence, therefore it’s not surprising that he chose a diplomatic response.

Adekunle retweeted some of his supporters’ messages, demonstrating that he agrees with their sentiments.


Adekunle Olopade retweeted: “Adekunle cant’t exchange insults with a women. It is the same people asking why he was quiet who will drag him. He did to them what they both did to him. You can’t change the mind of people who don’t like you.”

“Rightly so.. because if he responds or engages in a shouting match, na this twitter go still drag am’- Adekunle Olopade retweeted.

It seems like Adekunle is explaining why he refused to respond harshly to Doyin during the reunion.

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