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Big Brother Naija’s Maria responds to negative comment over pregnancy announcement.

Former Big Brother Naija housemate Maria’s recent pregnancy announcement elicited conflicting emotions on social media, with some fans expressing congrats and others resorting to abuse and cursing.

Ameba Patrick, a Twitter user, went so far as to wish Maria and her unborn child harm.

Patrick denounced Maria’s behavior and flung curses in a tweet, implying that she couldn’t be happy while bringing harm to someone.

The twitter user wrote;

“That baby will never come out safe… even if it does, it will be cursed… you can’t make someone feel hurt and be happy… either you will die in the delivery room or the baby will die #MariaChike.”

In response to the hateful message, Maria displayed a remarkable level of grace and compassion. She acknowledged that the sender must be hurt and offered prayers for their healing.

She also confidently affirmed that nothing would happen to her or her baby.

Maria replied;

“I don’t know who hurt you, but I pray that God heals your disturbed soul. I pray that someday you can love yourself because I’m sure God loves you the most! But I put this to you. It is written: My baby and I will FOREVER be safe and blessed. I forgive you for your words because you know no better. NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING will happen to me 🥰🙏🏼”

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