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Family of late Deborah calls out OPM pastor, alleges life has been hell since he relocated them

The late Deborah ‘s family has taken to social media, stating that life has been a living nightmare for them since the OPM pastor relocated them to Port Harcourt.

Deborah was a first-year student at Sokoto State’s Shehu Shagari College of Education when she was lynched by classmates on May 12, 2022.

Chibuzor Chinyere, the general overseer of Omega Power Ministries in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, stepped in to help Deborah’s family quickly after her murder sparked outrage and feelings on social media.

“I just watched a video clip in which Deborah Samuel’s parents stated that they will not be sending their children to school again.” On May 16, 2022, Chinyere posted on Facebook, “GOD FORBID.”

Furthermore, it was said that he gave them with a house and a car, as well as assisting in making their lives better and happier.

In an update, the family indicated that things have not been going well for them.

According to Emmanuel and Alheri, their lives have been difficult since the pastor brought them to Port Harcourt.

“People think that we are living well but we are not. OPM took us from where we were in Niger State to Port Harcourt City last year. The OPM pastor gave us a mini estate with about 14 self-contained apartments. After that, OPM rented this bedroom flat for us,” Emmanuel told FIJ on Friday.

“He said we should be staying here because we are a family and those self-contained apartments cannot be enough for the family. He furnished the apartment with the appliances.

“The first time we got here, OPM got me a car. It was a Toyota Corolla but it wasn’t new. It was a fairly used vehicle and the car has developed some faults. I was using it as a taxi before but it has some challenges and I have parked it.

“The first time OPM brought us to Port Harcourt they brought food items to us. After that first time, we have been struggling on our own. Right from the day OPM gave me this car, the car has been developing faults. On the first day I tried to take my children to school the car broke down on its way back. We towed the car back.
“I even went to the OPM pastor to speak with him in person. I let him know that the car has been developing a fault all this while. He called the person who bought the car on behalf of OPM and that person said that I did not know how to drive the vehicle properly. I have been a driver before now; this is not the first vehicle I’ve driven.


“The engine of the car is bad and I don’t have the money to fix it. I am looking for money to feed myself and my family. All the money people gave me for my upkeep, I used it on this car. Whenever I complained, the PA to the OPM pastor told me to stop complaining about the car but to fix it myself.”

“From time to time, the OPM leader used to call to check on us. He paid the rent. Right now, the rent for this apartment has expired. The landlord has told us to renew the rent or leave.

“All the appliances and the equipment in this apartment belong to OPM, we don’t own it.”

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