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Fresh War Brews as Phyna is accused of Hatred for Bella

When it comes to her friendships with Bella, Phyna constantly manages to incite unfavorable feelings.

These two have repeatedly shown that their online friendship cannot last, even when the criticism is inadvertent and encouraged by fans.

Fans have questioned why certain reality television stars can’t caution the bloggers who support them against harassing their pals.

Bella has been subjected to cyberbullying in an effort to support Phyna, and this would not be the first instance.

Phyna copied the same hairdo that Bella wore on her birthday in a casual video that she released.

Other fan bases have given Bella’s birthday a below-average rating. Her clothing has received a lot of harsh criticism.

Phyna casually utilizing the shade-configured hair that she previously used. It has been determined that Phyna can afford what Bella could afford for a special event while she is at leisure.

Fans have concluded that Phyna was subtly criticizing Bella’s attire despite the fact that this may have been an innocent post.

There would not have been animosity if this had been stopped at the fan war and speculating stage.

Instead, by liking the post meant to denigrate Bella, Phyna expressed her support for Bella’s bullying behavior.

She has received criticism for her behavior, but she has not yet given a statement clarifying whether it was an honest mistake or a deliberate conduct.

Fans of BBNaija are left wondering if Phyna just despises Bella because she supported Bella’s bullying, which is not what a friend should do.

Another War Start as Phyna is accused of Hatred for Bella

Another War Start as Phyna is accused of Hatred for Bella

Another War Start as Phyna is accused of Hatred for Bella

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