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How a Nigerian lady went ahead with wedding ceremony a day after fiancé was kidnapped.

Netizens were divided after a young girl refused to cancel her wedding after her fiancé was kidnapped the day before.

The lady wanted to hold the wedding without the presence of her fiance, according to the TikTok user who uploaded the story, Victoria Crystal Event.

The corporation that was supporting the couple’s wedding, she claims, tried to persuade the bride to cancel the wedding after the kidnapping, but she refused.

According to her;

“All vendors were on the ground. Everybody was on the ground. He was kidnapped in the evening. We made contacts to see if they could release him, and the husband was hoping and praying that he was going to be released.

We waited till evening, but there was no release and there was no information. We made reports to the police, and no information was coming forth. So we took like 10 minutes and she just had to do a little video. She came out to greet her guests. People were around and she came outside to greet them.”

Watch video below


#thegwodos23 LOVE STORY: PART1 BRIDE: QUEEN JEWEL OLUEBUBE MICHEAL In 2020 I graduated from the universal school of Aviation, and I started my my brand Aviation brand, QOJ TRAVEL. One faithful day on the 15th of November 2020, I received a friend request and message from my husband on Facebook, he reached out to make enquiries on the flight charges from Nigeria to Dubai, after that day we got talking consistently and we became friends. On the 23rd of January 2021, he came back to Nigeria and we met for the first time, He told me his intentions towards me, which he asked me to get married to him, I was shocked and I wasn’t expecting that. I also told him I wasn’t emotionally attached to him at that moment and wasn’t ready for marriage but he persisted and was convinced that I was his wife, he told me his been searching for a wife for 6years and I was the right choice for him. On the fifth day to his return ticket, I accepted his proposal to get married to him so he won’t talk to me again about marrying him but to my greatest surprise, he decided to do the traditional rites(our first and second introduction and paid my bride price in February )before traveling back, after the traditional rites where paid, our journey to forever started that day. Our Traditional marriage was fixed for the 6th of January 2022, a day to the wedding, on the 5th of January 2022, he was kidnapped and was released only 8 days after a ransom was paid. The kidnappers told him they where asked to kidnap him and also told him not to get married to his wife again. We prayed, fasted and prayed for Gods intervention, After his release, we prayed and did a thanksgiving to God for safety and delivering him. #event #wedding #fyp #viral #love #truelovestory #thegwodos23

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