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Pastor Chibuzor curse Happie Boys over allegations of failed promises

Happie Boys stated that they had just been in school for six months when things went wrong, and that their sponsor, Pastor Chibuzor, was unable to react to their messages or answer their calls.

However, they uploaded an audio to a new post that reveals the time Pastor Chibuzor dropped the cursing audio via WhatsApp. He decreed gnashing of teeth against the boys for misinterpreting his genuine intentions toward them.

Pastor Chibuzor declares, “I place this curse from the pain in my heart, that doing good becomes evil, who so ever, no matter who that person is, that I used, he didn’t pay me one kobo, he didn’t lay me one naira.

“It is from offering and tithe that people dropped on the altar. What other pastors use to buy private jets I say let me use it to help you. Now, I do you good you used evil to pay me.

“You will remain poor forever. You can never achieve anything in life, as long as, whether anywhere you are, you’ll suffer, poverty. You can never achieve anything in life. You can’t even buy one plot of land.

“If there are other clothes you’ve bought, through the money I used in sending you to Cyprus, you’ll sell those clothes to feed. You’ll become so wretched”.

Meanwhile, Happie Boys expressed their concern on their Instagram page to cleanse their conscience. They stated that they had no difficulties with their sponsor, Pastor Chibuzor, because they have not spoken anything negative about him.

“After so many texts without getting replies back from @papa.opm promising us a 100% scholarship through the years of our schooling after supporting us for the first 6 months here in Cyprus which we’re forever grateful and thankful to Papa!” said Happie Boys in their post.

“After asking us to wait another 6 months before he can continue with the scholarship because of the rise in the dollar, we listened and waited, becoming confused and waiting without receiving any support.”

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