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Phyna in the Mud, Goes Mute as Beauty takes her to the Cleaners, Exposes Reason for Beef

The highly awaited episode of BBNaija Reunion has finally aired. The long-awaited episode centered on Beauty Tukura finally aired last night.

Beauty and Phyna’s feud was finally resolved. This time, Phyna was unusually quiet.

When dealing with Groovy and Chichi, Phyna had a lot to say. However, when it came to determining the fundamental reason of her conflict with Beauty, she became a woman of few words.

When asked about her connection with Beauty, Phyna insisted that they were roommates rather than “friend friends.” Amaka was her only buddy, she explained.

Amaka, her friend, was also shown to have been deceived by Phyna over Groovy. Their difficulties were also discussed during the reunion show.

The irony is that despite being the lone friend, the bond ends tragically.

Beauty, on the other hand, insisted that she considered Phyna a friend. “I was concerned about her,” Ms Tukura admitted.

Ebuka questioned why she shunned Phyna at the party after she said her feud with the winner had nothing to do with Groovy. “I would be a witch,” she remarked, explaining why she couldn’t dislike Phyna because of her love with Groovy.

She revealed she had moved on. However, she saw a clip of Phyna telling her to go and die. “Over a man”, Beauty exclaimed. She felt nothing should prompt such words, especially a man.

She also revealed that Phyna said a lot of negative things to her before she left.

She asked her housemates what they would have done in her situation. It was the reason for her rejection, as stated by Beauty.

Phyna responded to the claims. She explained that she was upset with her for accusing her of having feelings for Groovy while they were together.

Beauty interjected, explaining that she had never done so, but Sir Kess had summarized the conversation in this manner so she might comprehend better.

Phyna insisted that “go and die” was just pidgin and meant nothing. She refused to apologize when Ebuka asked her to.

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