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Police PRO demands arrest of popular skit maker over extreme pranks

CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Police Force Public Relations Officer, has stated why popular comedian Trinity Guy should have been imprisoned.

Adejobi posted the video to his Instagram account on Monday, June 19, after previously asking skit creators who make jokes for a living to regulate them because they endanger Nigerian lives.

The video was sharply condemned by the police spokesperson, who asked anyone who had been harmed by the skitmakers’ practical jokes to report him to the authorities.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” he said. I believe the man should have been arrested.

“Those who feel the heat and fear of pranks should report the pranksters because many of their pranks are criminals, immoral, and evil.” These ladies have a strong case against him.”

A number of users on social media commented that the act was inappropriate and could endanger people, and that the creator of the skit should be arrested.

Many people, however, believe that because the country has a significant percentage of unemployment, particularly among the youth, he should not be detained.

See reactions from Netizens

barissangel1: “Imagine doing this to my mum I second the motion for his arrest so he can find something else to do”

vera_or_shizzle: “Person dey hustle you wan arrest am abeg shift, go arrest all those roadside police when dey harras person when doh struggle buy one black Camry car when dey shine pas their destiny, rubbish”

xii_lion: “E reach to arrest the guy! The harassment he put people through on the street is enough”

itsmidiofficial: “I like her ! She applied wisdom and prayer. When she heard the second gun shot , it meant time to run”

wendy_adammaaaaa: “This is cr!nge worthy. Imagine doing this to a woman with high bp? All in the name of content.”

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