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Top Worst BBNaija Ships of All Time.

Many BBNaija ships have sailed and gone down. Some ships can withstand the tides of the actual world for a season. Others barely make it through the show’s tides, and they crumble under the burden of Saturday night partying.

This is a list of BBNaija couples or ships who did not get along. They harm one other’s games or themselves in ways that destroy the relationship.

Frodd and Esther
Frodd refused to believe that Esther was not interested in him. He persisted and supposedly even washed her underwear.

Frodd and Esther

Esther eventually gave him face, and they pursued a romance outside the house. However, the relationship ended tragically.

As revealed during the reunion, the two fell in love, but things rapidly went south owing to obstacles Frodd couldn’t get over.

Frodd is now happily married!

Eric and Lilo
Eric and Lilo appear to have discovered love the moment they entered Big Brother’s house.

Eric and Lilo BBNaija Ships

Despite the fact that Lilo said she was in a committed relationship outside the house, she seemed to have forgotten about him once she set her sights on Eric.

The two did not appear to attract the following they expected. Lilo was the first housemate eliminated from her season (lockdown season 5).

Eric didn’t waste time lamenting her dismissal; instead, he prepared himself a steaming meal of noodles. The following week, he followed her home.

The fact that he didn’t care about Lilo leaving the house, despite her putting her relationship at risk for him, makes this one of the worst.

Thin Tall Tony and Bisola.

Thin Tall Tony and Bisola.

Tony were married, but it didn’t stop him from kissing and apparently doing things under the sheets with Bisola. They are one of the worst couples for having an adulterous affair in the Big Brother House.

Angel & Sammy
Angel and Sammy were adorable until he decided to slut shame her. This coupe is one of the worst because of its level of hypocrisy.

Angel & Sammy

Prince and Tolani Baj
Men aren’t the only ones that chase after women who aren’t interested in them. Tolani Baj was involved in a number of love triangles with Prince.

Prince and Tolani Baj

Prince had a crush on Nengi and Wathoni. After being rejected, Tolani Baj devised a method to win him over.

Fans were amused by the relationship. Many assumed Prince was uninterested in the relationship and merely entered it to make Nengi jealous.

He continuously acted as if he was coerced into being in a relationship. He hesitated to express public affection for her, even refusing to share a bed with her, as other couples did.

During the reunion, it was revealed the two fell out. The revelation of how one-sided the relationship was seemed to dawn on Tolani. She refused to settle for mediocre and we can’t help but be proud!

Anto, and K Brule
Because Anto kissed Lolu, K Brule allegedly attempted suicide. That, I believe, is sufficient to add them to this list. Although Anto and K Brule were never officially together, he was open about his feelings for her. The relationship was one-sided.

Anto, and K Brule

During the reunion, K Brule said that he did not jump those high feet off the balcony because of Anto, but rather because of other mental health concerns he was dealing with.

However, it appears that he did this shortly after observing the kiss.

K Brule was disqualified due to his sunt, which added to his previous strikes. His disqualification had an impact on his partner Khloe.

Khloe had also tried to get romantic with KBrule after being at Luggrheads but Kbrule had only Anto on his mind. What a tragic tale of unrequited love.

Tega and Boma

Tega and Boma

Another instance of adultery! It was more worse than Thin Tall Tony and Bisola’s affair since these two were shameless about it. They didn’t even bother hiding it.

Tega stated that her husband had authorized her to do whatever it took to win. She seemed to forget, though, that Nigeria is still a conservative society.

Although her spouse appeared to support her, their relationship ended abruptly when she was evicted.

What a tragic tale of unrequited love

Cee-C and Tobi

Cee-C and Tobi

While Cee-C and Tobi were not unrequited lovers, they were extremely toxic. Their whirlwind relationship lasted only a few weeks before it crashed and burned.

The border between love and hatred is said to be exceedingly thin. That was the case with these two. They fought and taunted themselves continuously, either with silent treatments or with intense verbal assaults.
Even during their honeymoon period, they appeared toxic, with Cee-C continually demanding Tobi all to himself.

She then admitted, following the reunion, that she had become obsessed with Tobi. Her love for him made her possessive and jealous, she said.

Many people can sympathize with her situation. Although none of them are awful individuals, they were an odd couple.

Tobi is now happily married to Anu, and the couple is blessed with a cute little boy.

Phyna and Eloswag
Another story about unrequited love. Phyna was on the hunt for Eloswag. She even convinced herself that it was mutual after kissing Eloswag.

Phyna and Eloswag

When Phyna returned to her level, she told the house she liked him and missed him.

She was overjoyed, thinking he had feelings for her.

On the other hand, Eloswag was preoccupied on rejecting Phyna. His level often teased him, causing him to say derogatory things about her.

He was more concerned with gaining Chomzy’s favor than with the harsh remarks he used to denigrate Phyna.

We must never boast about someone who is embarrassed to be seen with us!

Beauty and groovy

Groovy and Beauty seemed to be drawn to one other the moment they laid eyes on each other.

When Groovy put his sights on Chomzy, their relationship struck rock bottom.

Chomzy appeared to be the pair’s undoing. Beauty desired Groovy’s devotion.

However, his gaslighting, along with her alcoholism, made them a toxic combination.

Beauty was disqualified as a result of their battle. She was both hurt and inebriated, and she acted unreasonably.

To make matters worse, Groovy never tried to soothe her. The man then moved on to Phyna. Many people claim that Phyna and Beauty were never friends, however this is false.

For now I will pause the List here. More List will be published on a later date, because its obvious a lot of hot ship sank in the ocean of love in Biggis house.

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