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Big Brother Naija All Stars Housemate, Venita Reveals Toxic Encounters, Saddest Moment of Her Life to Housemates

BBNaija AllStars housemate Venita discussed with some male housemates about toxic experiences she had that marked one of the saddest moments she witnessed in life, narrating a period in her life that she hated ever happening.

She revealed details about her private life, which included domestic violence. Venita acknowledged being in a toxic marriage that affected her mental health.

She described how she and her husband would constantly engage in verbal assaults, trading hurtful comments and sometimes bickering about their children’s well-being, school tuition, and other financial duties.

Venita eventually disclosed that the marriage ended, and that when they split, she never asked or requested anything in terms of settlement.

She said that it was not worth it, that her sanity was more important than any other health worry of hers.

Some of the BBNaija housemates she told had no knowledge she was divorced, so this came as a surprise to them, and they expressed their concern for her.

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