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Big Brother Naija All Stars: “None of these guys in Biggie’s House can feed me” – Angel, Doyin shade Soma

Angel and Doyin, Big Brother Naija season 8 All Stars Housemates and former Shine Ya Eye and Level Up reality television stars, claim that none of Biggie’s male Housemates can afford to make them financially stable.

Angel and Doyin made this statement when discussing Soma’s lying with Whitemoney on Sunday, Day 7 of the All Stars event.

Doyin stated how Soma lied to her and told Mercy that she (Doyin) has feelings for him. Doyin went on to say that it was Soma who revealed his feelings for her.

Angel and Doyin went on to emphasize to Whitemoney how irritated some of the male Housemates are with the females in the House.

“Mercy told that from today I should cut off Soma, I was like hmm,” Angel reveals. And Doyin added, “I swear these guys are fvcked up, Soma told Mercy I’m attracted to him. From were to were? He was the one that said he’s attracted to me. They’re insane.”

Angel vows to nominate Soma during the next nomination session. “I know who I’m nominating. Before big brother asks, I’ll say, Soma,” Angel swears.

Whitemoney acts in accord with them saying that if Angel loves someone, she would kiss the person anytime she wants. “If Angel likes someone she go kiss am.”

“Exactly, I would’ve kissed him, I don’t give a fvck about none of this n!ggas in this house. Even when they were dancing with me [at the party], I was like, why am I here dancing with these boys,” Angel stresses.

“I just love what you said, if I wanna start a business, how many of them can give me finance.

What am I liking you for, is it by being tall and dark, who give a damn?” Doyin corroborates

Angel concurrently brags, “Obviously I have made money and I’m financially stable, I need a n!gga that can support me. What is the guarantee that any of these guys [in the House] can drop naira for me? And he [Soma] wants to use me to shine? Biggie na you do me like this ooo.”

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