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Big Brother Titans Mmeli exposes Marvin as he reveals why Yaya cried about being rejected days ago

It’s just been six days since former Big Brother Titans star Yaya Mwanda expressed her frustration at being misunderstood and rejected.

A new discovery from her camp suggests that Miss Mwanda may have noticed that her alleged lover Marvin has abandoned her in favor of her colleague Khosi Twala.

Yaya had mentioned on her Twitter handle six days ago that she has been battling with the anguish of being misunderstood and rejected.

She went on to say that she’s realized it’s acceptable to feel that way since it can’t take away God’s grace and favor, and that whatever good thing is meant for her will come at the perfect time.

“I’ve been struggling with the pain of being misunderstood and rejected but I realize now that it’s ok.. it doesn’t take away from god’s grace and favor.. it will Happen in god’s timing because all of this is by his Will happy new week flamingos,” Yaya tweeted on July 3.

However, photographs and videos went viral on social media following a live Instagram video posted by BBTitans’ Mmeli. It showed Marvin holding up his phone, which had a photo of him and Khosi as his screensaver.

Some social media users feel Marvin’s screensaver reflects some information about what was currently going on between him and Khosi. This implies that Marvin abandoned Yaya in favor of Khosi.

Furthermore, Marvin and Khosi’s closeness is likely to irritate Yaya to the point of feeling rejected, as evidenced by her Twitter message.

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  1. Anyway Yaya u are more than u think, ur time will come as u said, 💓

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