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How Some Female Housemates Seduce, Violate Pere Barely 2 Days in the Big Brother Naija All Star’s House

It’s day two, and some BBNaija All Stars roommates are already looking for methods to satisfy their sexual desires and attempting to get the opposite gender to cuddle under the covers.

Pere seemed to be attracting the ladies’ interest already, as he spent the night with CeeC and kept her company till the break of dawn.

While their bed-sharing was mutual, other females made various approaches to entice or lure Pere into doing their bidding.

Earlier, Uriel approached him and slapped his bum as he was talking with Cross, then proceeded to hug both male housemates from behind.

Cross had to tell her that if the BBnaija General caught her in bed, he’d have her walking strangely.

She responded by questioning if he would make her walk like a zombie, to which he simply grinned and told Cross that they should wait and see.

Similarly, TBaj told him yesterday that she’s going to ‘enter him’ if he doesn’t watch it. Several similar situations occurred as other female housemates went to the General.

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