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How the Big Brother Naija All Star Housemates placed their stakes amidst wager struggles.

For the housemates, their forthcoming wager challenge will determine whether they can retain their current quality of living.

Each housemate contributed a set number of Moniepoint coins to the community pool, which they will use to pay for their weekly groceries if they win the wager.

Adekunle, the head of house, staked a minimum of 100 Moniepoint coins, indicating his faith (or lack thereof) in the task’s success.

Alex, CeeC, Frodd, Pere, Tolanibanj, and Ike also put up 100 Moniepoint coins, with Princess offering 120. 150 was staked by Cross, Ilebaye, and Mercy Eke.

Angel, Doyin, Neoenergy, Kiddwaya, and Uriel staked 200, and Venita came in at a whopping 210 Moniepoint coins for the house shopping, Seyi went even bigger, staking 300 Moniepoint coins, Whitemoney staking 350 Moniepoint coins, and Soma staking 450 Moniepoint coins. If the housemates fail the challenge, they will be forced to live on minimum supplies until the next wager, which may cause friction and problems in the house.

Down memory lane

Housemates were challenged with creating a single play to commemorate their prior stint in the house, reminiscing about the magnificent events of previous seasons for the first wager challenge of Big Brother Naija All Stars.

The housemates collaborated with Head of House Adekunle and creative director Alex to create a play that not only celebrates their stay in the house but also pays gratitude to their sponsors through short skits.

However, this move appears to have violated Biggie’s standards, creating a difficult situation for the housemates as they balance innovation and keeping to the brief.

Play gone astray

Biggie’s brief was simple: write a play commemorating their time in the Big Brother Naija home, reflecting the essence of their journey over the seasons.

Unfortunately, the housemates chose to incorporate many advertisements into the performance in order to honor the various sponsors. While their intentions were pure, the play deviated from the primary goal as a result.

Biggie’s notes

During Adekunle’s diary session, Biggie expressed concern on the inclusion of advertisements in the play. Biggie emphasized that the play should have nothing to do with brand promotions or mentions.

The aim is to focus solely on celebrating their time in the house and paying tribute to the show’s history, not advertising products.

After receiving feedback from Biggie, Adekunle called for a meeting with the housemates to brainstorm alternative ideas. However, he made the decision to let housemates ideate without him because his voice is gone.

The importance of teamwork

Adekunle admitted to Biggie that he felt the housemates were more inclined to pursue their own individual ideas rather than working together as a team.

This lack of teamwork has become a significant concern and is hindering the housemates’ ability to create a cohesive and meaningful play.

Do you have hope that they will win this week’s wager? 

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