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Khosi’s “PROJECT 26” is Under Threat as Internet Trolls Try to Spoil, Sabotage Her

The Khosi Twala Project 26 has been trending on the microblogging platform Twitter for some weeks now, and while it is receiving large retweets from KhosiReigns, her followers, and other saboteurs have been making steps to end the trend.

It has been claimed that Project 26, among other trends, publicized deals, and alliances with the BBTitan’s winner, is being targeted by individuals her fans term to as “haters” or “enemies of progress.”

It has been discovered that internet trolls have taken their craft a step further by reporting all of Khosi’s handles and popular topics.

Regardless, her fans are optimistic that the trolls’ acts will not effect any good that is happening in her life, since mere internet sabotage will not halt the grace she has in life.

Moreover, while most ex-housemates are waiting for organizations, brands, or individuals to come knocking on their doors with endorsement deals or contracts, Khosi did the opposite; despite all of her deals, she partnered with an estate company and is now a proud shareholder.


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