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Kiddwaya, Pere have eyes on Mercy Eke, Cross makes his move on Ceec – Read how the ships are forming in the Big Brother Naija All Stars Season.

The housemates having just arrived, and all they can think about is romance.

Pere grabbed Ike away last night, while the housemates were still buzzing from the euphoria of launch night, and engaged him in talk about Mercy Eke.

Pere admitted his affection to Mercy and his want to get to know her more in the house during a conversation in one of the bedrooms.

Ike and Mercy Eke met on Big Brother Naija season 4 and began dating.

Their intense love continued outside the house, but it hit a snag and ended abruptly, with Mercy Eke announcing on social media that the relationship had been disastrous.

Ike, on the other hand, went public, claiming that their relationship had failed due to public opinion.

Pere’s daring action to approach Ike and declare his intentions surprised Tolanibaj and Kiddwaya, who huddled with the duo during their chat.

Ike was unconcerned about Pere making advances on Mercy Eke and offered him his blessing.

In that same conversation, it came to light that Cross may also be interested in getting to know Mercy Eke better, a revelation that led Tolanibaj to exclaim; “May the best man win”. Kiddwaya, on the other hand, spoke in coded language, but once the conversation with the boys was over, he found Mercy Eke, pulled her by the hand while Tolanibaj lingered – and had a playful, coded chat with her that we can’t wait to decipher in the coming days, or weeks.

Mercy Eke and Ike do not appear to be conversing, and the two appeared to be purposefully avoiding each other last night.

However, Mercy Eke had a brief talk with Ike this morning regarding water, so their relationship may be changing for the better.

Will we see a reunion of Mercy Eke and Ike, or will Pere make his case and win her heart?

Mercy Eke, on the other hand, does not appear to be interested in ships so far this season, and the final decision would be hers. There will be some interesting days ahead.

Cross, on the other hand, appears to be fond of Ceec. Cross indicated his interest in her but sounded non-committal in a talk with Pere this morning about who the boys are crushing on.

He stated that Ceec is his neighbor and that he wants to get to know her better now that they are living together.

Ceec stated last night on stage that she will not be distracted by any man this season.

Would she change her mind about Cross if he applied pressure and the signals were right?

Most importantly, will this be a ship-filled season, and if so, will they be genuine? The only way to know is to wait and see.

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